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Why Do Agile Transformations Fail?

In studying why Agile transformations fail, we have found four culprits that are consistently to blame:

1. The underlying psychology doesn’t change enough to give the transformation momentum
2. A lack of executive sponsorship prevents the transformation from taking root
3. Traditional planning and budgeting practices cripple Agile transformation efforts
4. The organization is unable to align around shared objectives 


Agile Transformation Failure Reasons

What are the biggest challenges PMO leaders faced in 2020?

The survey results revealed that 37% of project practitioners agree resource management is the biggest challenge to their PMO, 30% say that prioritizing which projects should be invested in, while 21% responded visibility and reporting of the portfolio, and finally 12% reported project financial management as the biggest challenge to their PMO.

- Lindsay Marymont,


Product Owner vs. Business Analyst - Demystifying the ambiguities

The two key pillars for a successful agile project are the product owner and the business analyst. The product owner works almost like the director of a movie, envisioning the macro and micro-level details for the product. At the same time, the business analyst ensures smooth execution of the sprint and manages the epics and stories' details.

- Ananya Pani,


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