Project-Program Process Business Training

Business Analysis: ATS Partners believes that well elicited, documented, modeled, reviewed, approved and managed requirements are the cornerstone for any successful organiziational change or transformation effort. It is essential to create requirements, along with supporting visual artifacts,  in a form and format that provides shared clarity and understanding between both business stakeholders and technology delivery teams. We employ a five-artifact framework that drives that clarity for both business and technology stakeholders, resulting in quicker delivery of value, minimization of costly re-work, all while providing a foundation for ongoing business agility and responsiveness to changing marketplace dynamics.

 Business Architecture: At a more strategic organization-wide level, we assist clients with the development or optimization of an organization's business architecture, taking into account key value chains within the business, the organization's strategic objectives, and an assessment of supporting functions and technology systems to realiize those objectives.
5 Artifact Framework

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